The Web Terminal allows your volunteers to log in from their home computers and view their schedules, request substitutes, volunteer to fill others’ sub requests, update their personal information and scheduling preferences, and access resources for their scheduled services. The Web Terminal is easy to set up and use and your church does not need to have a website. We host your terminal on our secure internet servers. All that is required is an active internet connection!

To get started with the Web Terminal, click on the Web Terminal heading on the left hand side of MSP’s main screen. The Web Terminal pane is made up of five tabs. When your volunteers log in from their home computers, they will see the same five tabs in their web browsers. The content of each tab is fully customizable, but each tab has an intended purpose.

Home: This tab is the first thing your volunteers see when they log into the terminal. By default, it contains a brief description of the Web Terminal. It is also an ideal place to put special announcements or bulletins.
My Schedule: This tab is where your volunteers can view their personal schedules. If plans change, they can click on the “request sub” link next to one of their scheduled positions, or “cancel sub request” next to a position they previously requested a sub for. This tab also displays a list of all the positions for which swaps have been requested by other volunteers. By clicking on “volunteer now,” they can volunteer to fill a position. \
Full Schedules: This tab is where your volunteers can view the full ministry schedules. These schedules are updated in real time as swaps or other changes are made to the schedules.
Rosters: This tab is where your volunteers can view rosters of fellow volunteers. Rosters can contain any information you’d like, such as basic contact information, service time preferences, ministry qualifications, etc. Like the full schedules, these rosters are updated automatically when information in your database changes. You may also hide this tab if you prefer not to use it.
My Profile: This tab is where your volunteers can view and request changes to their personal settings, contact information, ministry qualifications, service time preferences, preferred serving frequency, can’t-serve times, and their automatic email reminder settings. You have a very detailed level of control over the information that appears on this tab, and over what your volunteers are able to change.

A video tutorial for this topic is also available.