Save time

The most powerful, easy to use scheduling tools available

Create fair, conflict-free schedules while accommodating all your special needs. Families, rotations, teams, experience levels - these tools are built for you.

Schedules in minutes, not days

As a steward of church resources, how much would you pay to save several days of tedious work? (Compare to the monthly fee for an MSP subscription!)

Instant access from anywhere

Send emails and texts, make real-time changes, and do just about anything else you can imagine from the fully-featured Mobile App.

Requests are submitted. Changes are made.

Monitor from the sidelines as volunteers sub for each other, sign up for positions, and update their own scheduling preferences.

Share responsibilities

Empower ministry leaders to manage their own scheduling or communication, giving them access to just what they need.

Streamline communication

Cut through the noise

Instantly send targeted email and text blasts, filtering recipients by any criteria.

Use tokens to personalize each message, increasing engagement and giving volunteers exactly the information they need.

Broadcast changes & openings

Ensure volunteers always know what is coming with automatic notifications about upcoming assignments, unfilled positions, and pending sub requests.

Perfect presentation

Publish easy-to-read schedules online or on your church website so everyone can easily access up-to-date information.

Track engagement

Measure engagement and ensure your messages are being read by tracking open and bounce rates.

Integrated polls & RSVPs

Easily organize trainings and other events by embedding interactive polls and RSVPs in emails.

Grow participation

A modern experience for today's volunteers

Give volunteers the modern experience they expect with an easy-to-use mobile app, personal calendar syncing, and passwordless logins.

Accommodate volunteers' preferences and availability

Easily create fair schedules tailored to volunteers' needs. Keep families together (or apart), prevent double bookings, and honor special requests.

A smartphone showing a notification from the MSP mobile app