Streamline scheduling

The most powerful, easy to use scheduling tools available

Create fair, conflict-free schedules while accommodating all your special needs. Families, rotations, teams, experience levels - these tools are built for you.

Requests are submitted.
Changes are made.

Monitor from the sidelines as volunteers sub for each other, sign up for positions, and update their own scheduling preferences.

The power in your pocket

Send emails and texts, make real-time changes, and do just about anything else you can imagine from the fully-featured MSP Mobile App.

Perfect presentation

Publish schedules in easy-to-read layouts, including on your church website, so everyone can easily access up-to-date information.

Complete access control

Grant access to the right people, optionally limiting privileges to particular ministries, service times, or responsibilities.

Strengthen communication

Emails and texts blasts, personalized for each volunteer

Instantly send targeted email and text announcements, filtering recipients by any criteria, such as ministry, attendance, or custom fields that you have defined.

Use recipient-specific tokens to increase engagement and give volunteers exactly the information and access they need.

Track engagement

Measure engagement and ensure your messages are getting through by tracking open and bounce rates.

Integrated polls and RSVPs

Easily organize trainings and other events by embedding interactive polls and RSVPs in emails.

Multi-language support

Cater to Spanish and other communities by providing a volunteer experience in their native language.

Grow participation

Make the best schedule for your volunteers

Easily create fair schedules well-tailored to volunteers' needs. Keep families together (or apart), prevent double bookings, and honor special requests.

A smartphone showing a notification from the MSP mobile app

Automatic reminders

Drastically reduce no-shows with automated, customizable email and text message reminders.

Easy substitutions

Get and keep more people involved in ministry by providing the ability to easily find a replacement online when something unexpected arises.

A modern experience for today's volunteers

Give volunteers the modern experience they expect with an easy-to-use mobile app, personal calendar syncing, and passwordless logins.

Track attendance

Increase accountability by tracking and following up with volunteers who don't show using printable sign-in sheets or an integrated sign-in kiosk.

A tablet showing the MSP Kiosk app