Scheduling Cycle Map

Prepare, publish, share, remind, and repeat.


Update services

Start by checking your service times to make sure they reflect your current needs. Ensure any yearly services have the correct dates and times and that the number of volunteer positions looks right for each service. While you can make manual adjustments to your schedule, best practice is to make sure these are as up to date as possible before creating the new schedule.


Update rotations

If you are using either Preassignments or rotating Teams, you may want to check and make sure that these assignments are up to date, as rotating assignments are placed on the schedule as soon as they are created.


Request availability

Before you create the schedule, send the "Availability Update Request" email template. Confirming current preferences and requesting that volunteers update their availability online will reduce conflicts in your next schedule.


Fill your schedule

Create a schedule in the Schedules pane of MSP. Fill it in by hand picking volunteers, creating repeating assignments, auto-scheduling volunteers, or a mix of all three methods.


Check your schedule

Run the Conflict Report to see any potential issues before finalizing the schedule. Then, check the Distribution Report to ensure a fair distribution of services. Once you are happy with your schedule, make it Live.


Send "Schedule Finalized" email

Use the "Schedule Finalized" email template within the Announcements pane to notify volunteers of their scheduled positions.


Reminders and subs

Volunteers will get email or text reminders to help reduce no shows. They can request subs, fill positions and propose trades online, or through the iPhone or Android app.