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System Requirements: The MSP admin program cannot be downloaded on mobile phones, tablets or Chromebooks. Windows 7 and up or macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and up is required.

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Free Trial FAQs
Can the information I enter into my trial be brought over to my license?
Absolutely! When you purchase MSP, you'll have the opportunity to enter your trial activation code and administrator password. If you do so, your trial data will be brought over to your paid license. We’ll even hold your trial data for 60 days after your trial ends, so you have time to figure out payment and implementation.
Are any features disabled during the trial?
You have full access to MSP’s scheduling features during the trial. However, there are a few trial limitations which prevent you from customizing the online experience for volunteers (emails, text messaging, enrollments, auto reminders, swap requests, etc). To understand the volunteer experience, watch the volunteer video tutorial or log in to the mobile app. Remember, all licenses come with a six-month money-back guarantee.
How many administrators can use MSP during the trial?
You can have the administrator program downloaded on two different computers during your trial. Once you purchase, your license will include four installations and more are available for purchase as needed.
How do I put the trial on a second computer?
Your trial includes two installations. The first will begin downloading immediately when you enter your information above. If you wish to download your second trial installation, download MSP directly and enter your original trial activation code and password when prompted.
Is the trial the Online or Plus Edition?
Both editions of MSP function exactly the same way - the Plus Edition just comes with a few extra features (check out our Features page for more info). The only Plus edition feature you will have access to during your trial is Custom Fields. If you have questions about other Plus edition features, please contact us and we'll be happy to show you how they work.
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