MSP includes complete attendance tracking functionality. It is easy to track the number of times each volunteer has not shown up at a scheduled time, the number of times that each volunteer has swapped out for another volunteer ahead of time, and the number of times each volunteer has taken on an extra service for which she or he was not originally scheduled. This information can then be displayed in reports, included in rosters, and merged into emails and schedule cover sheets. You can even customize the text in emails and schedule cover sheets based on these attendance values. For example, you might include the following text in an email for just those volunteers who have not shown up for at least one of their scheduled times in the previous scheduling period:

“Also, we noticed that you recently did not attend at [one] of your scheduled times. Please make sure to come to Mass when you are scheduled! You presence is extremely important.”

Swap requests, swaps made, and extra assignments are automatically noted by MSP when volunteers request subs and volunteer for positions through the Web Terminal.