Titles are another way to distinguish multiple types of volunteers within a single ministry. However, unlike subdivisions, each volunteer can have one and only one title in a ministry. You can specify whether or not to show volunteers titles in final exported schedules. Titles are very useful for differentiating experienced volunteers from inexperienced volunteers, males from females, English readers from Spanish readers, or different grade levels or height categories. Once you’ve set up your titles, you have a great deal of control over how the scheduler considers the title of each volunteer when filling in your services. For instance, you can specify that at least one experienced volunteer is required at each service, or that either two males or two females are required, but never a mix of both, or that English readers are required for some specific service times and Spanish readers for others.

A video tutorial for this topic is also available.

You can define titles for a ministry by clicking on the “Use titles to qualify volunteers in this ministry…” button in the lower right hand corner of the Edit Ministry dialog. Then click the “New…” button to create each one of the titles you’d like to be available in this ministry. When selecting a title you can check the option below that says “Show this title in final exported schedules” if you want them to appear, and then click OK.

Once you’ve defined your titles in this manner, you can change a volunteer’s title in the ministry by double clicking on the name in the “Qualified Volunteers” list in the Edit Ministry dialog. (If this list is blank because no volunteers have been entered, then you’ll choose each volunteer’s title later when you enter your volunteers.)

To specify how you’d like the scheduler to consider each volunteer’s title when filling in your services, when editing your services in the Service Times pane you’ll select this ministry and then click on the “Create title rules for this ministry” link. See the following section for a description of the options available when specifying title rules for a service.