When you are ready to send volunteers the information they will need to log in to the Web Terminal, go to the Announcements pane in MSP, click on the “Use Template” button at the top, choose “Preconfigured” and select one of the the “Intro” emails.

The introductory email will include all of the information volunteers need to get started using the Web Terminal, as well as links to video tutorials and a printable guide to help them navigate the Web Terminal and the mobile app. When you are satisfied with the email, click Preview and then Send.

If you add new volunteers at a later date, you can revisit the preconfigured templates and choose the option that says, “Send User Login.” Then, remove the “All volunteers” option in the To field and typing the volunteer’s name.

Volunteers who sign up via Enrollment form may not need an introductory letter if you have automatic emails for enrollment forms in the Web Terminal Settings.