Let’s say you’d like to send an email to all volunteers scheduled for a particular service, but do not want to include a list of all their scheduled times. For example, you want to send a reminder that volunteers should arrive 20 minutes early to the 10:30 AM service on a particular date, and you only want to send the reminder to volunteers that are scheduled for that service time. You can accomplish this by filtering your recipient list.

Compose your email, and then click on the “Moreover, only send to volunteers passing | this filter…” button. In the “Edit Filter” dialog that appears, click on the “Assignments” option in the list on the left. In the box on the right that appears, set the filter to only include volunteers who “Are assigned at least 1 total service on the exact date of [the selected date], (check the box) at this service: Sunday 10:30 AM.”

For other available filters, see Appendix B – Guide to Filtering.