There are 4 ways to schedule volunteers in MSP. You can use as many methods as you like to make sure that your schedules turn out right every time.

Rotational Scheduling

Rotational scheduling can be done using either Preassignments or Teams, but should be done prior to creating a schedule. Modifying Schedules will cover the one exception of adding preassignments directly in the open schedule.

Manual Scheduling

Manual scheduling allows you to pick volunteers that should be placed from a list of qualified, available volutneers in the program. MSP gives you the added benefit of warning you when trying to place a volunteer against their settings, such as a can’t serve time, family conflict, and other preferences you have set in the program.

Using the Auto-Scheduler

MSP’s auto-scheduler will take into consideration all of your volunteers’ settings and preferences to generate a fair schedule for you. You will then have the ability to analyze that schedule using MSP’s reports and modify the schedule, as needed.

Self Sign Up

Show volunteers where positions need to be filled and allow them to volunteer to serve using the Web Terminal. This feature is especially useful for special services, such as those over the holidays, and to fill positions in ministries where you do not have enough volunteers.