Once you have configured MSP with your ministries, volunteers, and service times, you are ready to create your first schedule. The schedules that MSP produces are of the absolute highest quality. We made developing a state of the art scheduling engine our first priority when we began working on MSP. The engine is based on a proprietary, highly sophisticated multi-pass algorithm that guarantees the fairest possible service distribution in every single schedule and even balances ministry loads between schedules. We are confident that you and your volunteers will be extremely pleased with the schedules MSP produces.

Create a new schedule

To create a new schedule, set the start and end date of your schedule. The minimum time period to run a schedule is one month, but it is better to schedule two or three months at a time since a longer schedule will give the scheduling engine greater flexibility when assigning services. When creating a schedule, you are creating one master schedule for a given time period that contains all of your ministries and service times. These can later be broken up for your volunteers to view when you post the schedule online. For this reason, schedules may not contain overlapping dates. When you have entered the start and end date for the schedule, click on the Create button.

Saved Schedules

Below, you will find a list of saved schedules.

Open schedule

Allows you to open a previously saved schedule.

Rename schedule

Allows you to rename a previously saved schedule.

Delete schedule

Allows you to delete a previous schedule. Note: All records of who served at the services in deleted schedules will be lost when this schedule is deleted, and you will not be able to look up this information at a later time. It is always best to first save a copy of this schedule to your personal computer before deleting it from the MSP web servers.

Make schedule (NOT) Live

For schedules that are not yet live, this will allow you to make the schedule Live, as discussed in Saving a Schedule. For schedules that are already live, you can make the schedule NOT Live so volunteers can no longer see or request changes to their schedules for that time period. You may have up to 6 non-overlapping, Live schedules at one time in MSP.