Rotating patterns of volunteers are populated in the schedule when the scheduled is created, so this should be done before creating your schedule. For volunteers who serve in this manner, you have two choices:


Team groupings can be used to ensure that certain volunteers are always scheduled together in a particular ministry.

You may also optionally set up your teams to automatically be scheduled in some simple, repeating patterns. It is important to understand that unlike family groupings, the effect of a team grouping only applies to one particular ministry. The members of a team will not necessarily be kept together when they are scheduled in any ministry except for the ministry of the team.

A video tutorial for this topic is also available.


It is also possible to set up more complex preassigned scheduling patterns for specific volunteers or groups of volunteers with MSP. For instance, you can specify that a particular volunteer should be scheduled every single week for a certain service time, or as another example, just the third week of every other month. You can even specify that this rotation only occur during a certain date range, or only begin after a particular date, which can be useful for seasonal scheduling patterns.

A video tutorial for this topic is also available.