Ministry Scheduler Pro’s main screen is pictured below. This is the screen that appears when you first open the program. You may click on the headings located on the left hand side of this screen to visit their corresponding “panes.” For instance, the Volunteers heading has been clicked in the illustration below and as a result the content of the Volunteers pane is shown in the remainder of the main screen.

There are two fundamental terms that are used inside MSP with which you should be familiar (each of these terms has a corresponding pane on MSP’s main screen). First, a ministry is defined as any task or role which you will be scheduling. Some common ministries are ushers, readers, extraordinary ministers, child-care workers, and servers, but you may also define ministries for any task from coffee shop workers to preachers. The complement to the term ministry is volunteer. Inside MSP, the term volunteer is used to refer to any person who will be scheduled in any of your ministries. The term “volunteer” can be changed to the description of your choice in the Edit menu.

The headings in the first group of panes pictured below (“Volunteers” through “Preassignments”) are used to set up MSP with your ministries, service times, volunteers, and other scheduling settings. The panes in the second group (“Schedules” through “Mailing Labels”) are used to produce schedules and rosters, send emails, administer the Web Terminal, and print mailing labels. The last pane allows you to view or change your license settings.