The first step to tracking no-shows is, of course, to notate which volunteers did not show up after each service so that you can enter that information into MSP. You can use MSP’s sign in sheets to help with this task. See “Exporting a Schedule” for information on how to export sign-in sheets. You can then easily enter the information you collect into MSP.

To record no-shows in MSP, first open up your saved schedule that covers the period containing the service for which you are recording no-shows from the Schedules pane inside of MSP. Select the date of the service from the calendar, and then select the volunteers who did not show up by clicking on them. You can hold down the Control key while clicking to select multiple volunteers. Then click the red flag at the top of the schedule window, or if the flag is not visible, choose “Flag as no show” from the Schedule menu. A red “Did not show up” flag will appear next to each selected volunteers’ name, and the volunteers’ names themselves will be crossed out as shown.

No Shows Report

You can view a report of all the volunteers who have not shown up for at least one service during the current schedule by choosing “View No Shows…” from the Reports menu at the top of the schedule window. All functions of this report are the same as the Distribution Report.

No Shows Count token

The same numbers shown in the No Shows report may be included in the Web Terminal, emails and rosters by inserting the {{NoShowsCount}} token. By using the settings in the Token Options, you can substitute custom text based on the number of times that each volunteer has not shown up in the period you specify.