Once a schedule is created, some changes can be easily made to the services, volunteers, and service plan directly from the area above the schedule.

New Service

Click to create a new service. The options available in this dialog are the same as those that are available in the Edit Service dialog with the addition of a “Treat as” setting.

Treat As

The “Treat as” setting allows you to control how MSP will fill the positions in that service. For example, if you have special event during the week and you would like MSP to only schedule those volunteers who are normally available for your Sunday, 9:00 AM service, you can create the new service for this weekday event, set the “Treat as” section to reflect “Sunday, 9:00 AM,” and MSP will know to fill that service with the appropriate volunteers.

Edit Service

Select the serviceand then “Edit Service…” to make any changes in the service including time, description/location, treat as, or positions left to fill. If you are editing a repeating service, after you complete the changes and click OK, a box will appear asking “Would you like to apply your changes to all # instances of this service in this schedule or just this instance?” Choose “ALL instances” if you want all of the instances of this service in the schedule to be updated or “Just this one” if you only want this one instance of the service to be updated.

Edit Plan

Allows you to edit the Service Plan of the selected service.


In addition to right-clicking on a volunteer name, the following icons will be found at the top of a schedule to help adjust the schedule as needed.

Note: Flag icons only show up after you run the auto-scheduler OR if you “Convert Skeleton to Schedule” from the Schedule menu.

Person with green plus

When a NOT FILLED position is selected and this icon is clicked, the box to place a volunteer will appear.

Person with red x

When a volunteer in a specific service is selected, clicking this icon will remove the volunteer from that position in the schedule. When a NOT FILLED position is selected, clicking this icon will remove the position from the schedule.

Person with green arrow

When a filled position is selected, clicking this icon will allow you to replace that volunteer with another.

Green flag

Shortcut to “Flag as extra.”

Yellow flag

Shortcut to “Flag as swap requested.”

Red flag

Shortcut to “Flag as did not show up.”

White flag

Shortcut to “Clear flags.”