Open Schedule

Brings you to the Schedules pane to allow you to open a different schedule.

Open Recent

Lists recent schedules so you can open a schedule you recently worked on.


Closes the schedule you are currently viewing.

Open Local Backup Schedule

Allows you to open a backup copy, if you have saved one locally on your computer (see “Save a Backup Copy as” below).


Saves the work you have done on the current open schedule.

Save As

Saves the current schedule, allowing you to name it, make it live, and create Live Schedule Posts.

Save a Backup Copy as

Allows you to save a backup copy locally to your computer.

Revert to Saved

Allows you to revert back to the last version of your schedule. This is determined by the last time you saved the schedule. Cannot be done when Concurrent User Mode is turned on, as your schedule is being saved in real time.

Rebuild Schedule

Rebuilds the data, making sure all of the data is consistent.

Export Schedule

Allows you to export your schedule to print.

Make schedule live

Makes your schedule live so volunteers can see it on the My Schedule pane of the Web Terminal and reminders will be cued up to go out. If the schedule is already live, this text will say “Make schedule NOT live” and can be selected to do just that.

Edit online layout and options

Allows you to edit the online layout and options of the Live Schedule Post for this schedule once it is live.

Create (additional) Live Schedule Post

Allows you to create a new Live Schedule Post for your volunteers to view in the Full Schedule pane of the Web Terminal.

Clone all Live Schedule Posts from…

Allows you to keep the same settings as your last set of Live Schedule Posts for this schedule.


Use Export Schedule to print a copy of your schedule.


Quits MSP entirely.



Cuts the selected service out of a schedule.


Copies a selected service within the schedule (including any scheduled volunteers).


Pastes a copied service (including any scheduled volunteers) into the schedule. Note that this will be treated as a one-time only service.


Deletes the selected service in the schedule.


Commence Scheduling

Allows you to use the Auto-Scheduler.

Convert Skeleton to Schedule

Use this option to change your skeleton (working file) to a schedule (signifies completed schedule). You will notice that positions a volunteer requests no longer say “requested” but now read “extra”. By default volunteers will not be able to submit unavailable times during the date range of the schedule.

New Service

Allows you to create a new service

Edit Service

Select the service and then “Edit Service…” to make any changes in the service including start and end time, repetition, description, or positions left to fill. If you are editing a repeating service, after you complete the changes and click OK, a box will appear asking “Would you like to apply your changes to all # instances of this service in this schedule or just this instance?” Choose “ALL instances” if you want all of the instances of this particular service on the open schedule to be updated or “Just this one” if you only want this one instance of the service to be updated. Note that in order for the change to apply to future schedules, you will also need to adjust the ministry requirements in the Service Times pane.

Edit Service Plan

Allows you to edit the service plan.

Delete Service

If, at any point, you need to entirely delete a service from your schedule, you can select the service, and then “Delete Service…” to completely remove it from the schedule.

Flag as

Allows you to flag a volunteer manually as Requested, Did not show up, Swap Requested, or Extra.

Clear Flag

Removes any flag from the selected volunteer

Clear all flags in schedule

Removes all flags from all volunteers on the schedule.

Remove all auto assignments

Removes all volunteers from scheduled positions assigned by the auto-scheduler, while leaving any manual or repeating assignments in place.

Show Sign-in Kiosk check-ins

Opens a new window where you can view who has checked in for that service, as well as the time they checked in, position, and if they are covering for another volunteer.

Scheduler Settings

Opens and allows you to make changes to your Scheduler Settings.

Service Naming Settings

By choosing “Service Naming Settings…” from the Schedule menu, you may access a dialog that contains several settings that relate to the naming of service times. You can choose to automatically name your service times according to one of the liturgical calendars on file in our internet servers. (If your denomination is not listed as one of the options in the denomination popup menu, please feel free to send us a well formatted list of dates and names at We’ll then add an entry for your denomination to our online database that will be available to all MSP users.)


Focus on Ministries

Shows only the selected ministries in the schedule window.

Color unfilled positions red

Control when unfilled positions appear in red.

Show choir assignments

Allows you to show or hide the listed choir members at services where the choir is scheduled.

Show coverage only

Does not show names of the volunteers scheduled. Lists each ministry and how many filled and total positions there are on that day.

Show volunteer list

Shows or hides the volunteer list to the right of the schedule.

Show repeats bubble

Determines whether or not the “repeats” bubble appears when a volunteer is selected in the calendar area. This bubble will allow you to create a Preassignment for the selected volunteer directly in the schedule.

Show services given to

Changes the mode to “Show services given to”


See Analyzing a Schedule and Reports and Tracking Attendance


See Main Screen Menus