Once a schedule has been generated, it’s easy to make manual modifications to the schedule. To manually pick a particular volunteer for a certain service, click on the day of the service in the calendar and then click on the position to which you’d like to assign the volunteer. The column on the right side of the scheduling window is set to “Fill Position” mode by default and will display a list of volunteers who are qualified to fill the position. You can assign a volunteer to a position by double-clicking on their name from the list or dragging and dropping them onto the schedule.

You can also right click on any volunteer in the schedule area for the following options:


Adds a volunteer to the selected position.


Allows you to set up a repeating assignment (or preassignment) for this individual based on this scheduled service.


Removes the currently scheduled volunteer, leaving a Not Filled position.

Make swap

Allows you to swap one volunteer for another (remove the current volunteer and place a different one in their position).

Flag as extra

Marks the volunteer as an extra in the schedule. Note: Volunteers who accept swap requests are automatically flagged as extra.

Flag as swap requested

Marks the volunteer as swap requested on the schedule so others can volunteer to fill the position. You will be given the option to send swap request emails to other volunteers at this time alerting them of the swap request.

Flag as did not show up

Marks the volunteer as not having come to their assigned service.

Clear current flag

Clears any flags on this volunteer.


Copies the selected volunteer and the position.


Allows you to place the copied volunteer in the given position to a different service.

Edit [volunteer]’s profile

Brings up the volunteer’s profile to be able to view or edit.