MSP can automatically create mailing labels for you. All you need to take advantage of this feature is a sheet of Avery Labels® style 5160 or a similar substitute. Avery labels style 5260 or 8160 will also work. In fact, any labels which have the dimensions of 1” by 1.63” (1” by 1⅝”) that run 30 to a sheet (10 rows by 3 columns) will probably work. Labels in this format are widely available, and should be available at your local office supply store.

To generate a mailing label document, click on the “Mailing Labels” heading on the left side of MSP’s main screen.

Include all volunteers

Includes all volunteers in MSP.

Include only these ministries

Include volunteers who are qualified for only particular ministries. Multiple ministries may be selected.

Include only these volunteers (click to select)

Choose only specific volunteers to include. You may choose multiple volunteers by holding down the shift or control key. You may also optionally limit the volunteers displayed in the list using the “Filter list” on the right, but keep in mind you need to select the filtered volunteers after using this option.

Do not include volunteers who have internet access

This checkbox will omit labels for all volunteers who have their “Has internet access” option checked. If you are mailing a document which you plan to post on the internet, then you may want to save on postage costs by sending it only to those volunteers without internet access. This feature automatically makes labels only for those volunteers.

Do not include inactive volunteers

By checking the “Do not include inactive volunteers” checkbox, the document will omit any inactive volunteers.

Make only one label for all members of a family sharing the same address

If you choose the “Make only one label for all members of a family sharing the same address” option, then the labels for volunteers who are grouped in a family will be consolidated into one (provided they share the same address). The name on the label will be the name specified for the family (e.g., “The Smith Family”).

Sort labels by zip code and calculate totals (for bulk mailings)

The “Sort labels by zip code and calculate totals (for bulk mailings)” will sort the generated labels by zip code, as is required by the USPS to obtain bulk mail discounts. In order to use this feature, there must be a zip code at the end of the address of every volunteer for which a label is being generated.