When you click on a schedule in the Schedules pane and select “Open Schedule” or double-click on the schedule, the window below will appear.

Viewing the Schedule

Calendar area

Click on a day in the calendar to see that day’s shifts and assignments. To move to months that are not visible, use the arrow keys to the left and right of the month listed at the top.

Schedule area

This is the main section of the schedule window and will show all of the day’s services, positions, assigned volunteers. In addition to red “Not Filled” indicators, any dates on the schedule where there are open swap requests will be colored in gold, and a gold “Swap requested” indicator will appear to the right of the name of the volunteer who requested the swap. Other indicators will appear in grey to let you know if a volunteer was placed in a position by the scheduler (“Manual”), as a repeating assignment (“Repeating”), using the auto-scheduler (“Auto”), or by a volunteer filling a swap request or empty position (“Requested”).

Volunteer List

The mode determines the list of volunteers on the right shown and what can be done. Use the Mode drop-down menu to move between the options listed.