Once you have created your ministries, you can optionally create ministry folders to help organize your ministries. For example, if you schedule Children’s ministries, you could create a Children’s ministry folder and place all ministries related to the Children’s ministry within that folder. Alternately, if you have multiple sites, you can have a folder for each site. Folders help keep the Ministries pane less cluttered as you add more ministries. When exporting schedules, generating rosters, assigning Ministry Leaders, or sending emails, you will have the ability to perform all of these actions just for a specific folder to easily identify particular groupings of your ministries and volunteers.

To create a folder, click on the “New Folder…” button in the upper right side of the Ministries pane. After naming the folder, drag and drop the ministries that fall under this category into the folder. You can also copy a folder and all of its ministries by using the “Copy Folder” button.