Many schedulers send weekly reminders to all volunteers that contain their personal scheduled times. Volunteers often find that these reminders are very helpful. MSP will automatically send your volunteers an email reminder X days prior to their services, where X can be determined by the administrator or by the individual volunteer. For more information on how to set up auto email reminders, see Web Terminal Settings.

You can also manually send weekly reminders that include each volunteer’s scheduled times, by including the {{ScheduledServices}} token in your email where you’d like the list of scheduled times for each volunteer to appear. Click the “Preview” button when composing an email in the Announcements pane to see the Token Options window for tokens being used in the email and specify the date range of services to include in the list. Once the date range has been selected, check “Completely exclude volunteers from this email or roster that are not scheduled for any positions that match the given criteria” so that only volunteers who are scheduled within the date range will receive the reminder. Click “OK”, and preview the email that will be sent to different volunteers by selecting a few volunteers from the list that appears.

When you are ready to send the reminders, click the “Send to x members” button. If you are happy with the text of your reminder, you can save it by choosing “Save as template” in the lower left corner of the email composition screen in the Announcements pane. Choose a name and save the new template. When you want to send another batch of reminders with the same format, just choose “Use template” from the Announcements pane and select “Saved” to view your saved templates.