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Introduce MSP to your volunteers and start your next schedule!
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Holiday Scheduling
In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll learn how to create those special Christmas schedules well in advance, along with the best practices for scheduling volunteers, posting separate holiday schedules, hiding special services until you’re ready, and more!
October 11, 1:30 PM ET
Video Tutorials
Narrow in on specific set-up features with these quick, step-by-step tutorials.
Bird's Eye Overview
A bird's eye overview covering the basics of getting started with MSP.
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Creating Ministries
Learn how to define your ministries and configure their settings.
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Labeling Positions
Covers the two methods you can use to label positions in a ministry.
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Using Titles
Learn how to use titles to categorize volunteers (by gender, level, etc.).
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Creating Service Times
Learn how to create weekly, monthly, and yearly services.
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Creating Volunteers
Discusses how to manually add volunteers and set up their profiles.
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Importing Volunteers
Covers importing volunteers from an Excel spreadsheet, .csv or .txt file.
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Sync with Management Software
Learn how to synchronize MSP with your church management software.
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Crash Course for New Admins
Ensure a smooth transition and learn the basics of MSP when taking over a database that has been set up by someone else. <a href="">Click here for the companion guide.</a>
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After you purchase MSP, these resources will guide you through the process of getting started and rolling out MSP to your volunteers.
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Assess where you are in the setup process and get clear on next steps.
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View each step of a scheduling cycle in MSP, linked to helpful resources along the way.
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MSP’s resources include a user manual, discussion group, video tutorials, and more!
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