New Feature: Grant Web-Based Admin Access To Anyone!

Now you can grant Web Admin access to anyone! Ensure the appropriate people have the necessary tools to contribute to your ministry! Now you can collaborate with anyone – not just people listed as volunteers inside your database.

This release introduces several other features, including the ability to:

  • Access the Families pane from any web-enabled device via the Web Terminal, making it easier to streamline family service and scheduling preferences from anywhere.
  • See last login times for Web Admins, allowing you to stay connected and monitor engagement within your team.
  • Make use of new under-the-hood enhancements that optimize the Web Terminal for a lightning-fast experience, empowering you to navigate and accomplish tasks with greater speed and efficiency.

Download the newest version of MSP and assign a Web Admin to get started!

Special shout out to: Our Quality Assurance Team! With the new under-the-hood enhancements, MSP has been rebuilt from the ground up. This means every feature, function, and workflow has been thoroughly checked, resulting in over 1,000 tasks being tested by our five-person team.

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