Transform faith formation scheduling with a surprisingly smart MSP trick

It's that time of year again - faith formation scheduling is in full swing! MSP wasn't initially designed for OCIA scheduling, but schedulers shared a clever ‘hack’ to integrate faith formation scheduling into MSP, and we're super impressed!

Here's why MSP is a game-changer for your OCIA scheduling:

  • Avoid double-booking and over-scheduling of catechists and other volunteers who may serve both in faith formation and in liturgical ministries. And with MSP, tracking volunteer availability and preferences simplifies the ministry assignment process.
  • Send automatic reminder messages of upcoming sessions to faith formation participants and attach pertinent materials such as Scripture readings, discussion topics, or other items for ready access.
  • Keep particular Candidates or Sponsors anonymous to others if so desired.

In addition, adding faith formation to MSP centralizes and organizes your information. All contact info and communications for those in faith formation sessions will be consolidated into MSP for ease of use and retrieval.

Discover how to utilize our workaround to streamline OCIA scheduling with this Help Center article.

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