How Ministry Scheduler Pro Helps You Schedule with Security & Privacy in Mind

Thousands of churches use Ministry Scheduler Pro to schedule, communicate with, and organize their volunteers. Below are a few ways MSP helps keep volunteers safe, ensures their privacy, and secures client data.

Keep ministries private

Ministries that benefit from keeping assignments private, such as offertory counting or ministries where youth are scheduled, can be made private so only volunteers who belong to that ministry will see who else is assigned.

Keep contact information private

Easily honor requests from individuals who would like their personal contact information excluded from public rosters by marking volunteer emails or phone numbers as unlisted individually. Alternatively, you can choose only to allow volunteers who belong to the same ministry as someone to view other ministers' contact information when posted to a roster.

Schedule volunteers based on training completion dates or other custom data

Custom fields within the volunteer profile allow you to track details like background check completion, Safe Environment training dates, birth dates, or allergy information. Then, use that information to filter who you place on the schedule, giving you the peace of mind that only volunteers who meet specific qualifications are assigned.

Ensure a designated adult is always scheduled

Classify volunteers with attributes such as experience level, age, or gender with titles within a ministry. Then, use title rules to specify how volunteers should be scheduled for the service according to their titles, such as always scheduling at least one adult volunteer with youth in a nursery position to ensure proper supervision.

Securing your data is one of our top priorities

Your data's security is paramount, which is why we protect your database with industry-leading protocols, procedures, and technology and regularly conduct independent assessments of our software and servers. In addition, we annually audit our systems to continue adhering to current security standards.

Illustration depicting the security measures of Rotunda Software

Don't hesitate to reach out and get in touch with us to learn more about how our team can help you take advantage of the features discussed above at your church.
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