A Thank You to Schedulers

Ministry Schedulers are an important part of every church, but by the nature of their work, the better they do their job, the less noticeable it is! From keeping the volunteer pool full to managing last minute substitutions, as service needs and volunteer preferences continue to change, Ministry Schedulers deserve a lot of recognition for keeping ministries up and running.

Schedulers make Ministry happen

Before anything can be scheduled, someone needs to be aware of all of the moving parts in the church. Schedulers have to see the church as a whole and know when and where volunteers are needed. From the number of greeters needed at the morning service, to the intricacies of pairing experienced volunteers with those in training, Schedulers wrangle all of the pieces of the scheduling puzzle and put them together in the best way for their church.

Schedulers know the right people for the job

Ministry scheduling is much more than filling names into needed volunteer positions. Often there are requirements specific to each Ministry, such as completing a background check, serving alongside a family member, or requiring that the volunteer be of a certain age. Then there are the needs of the volunteers themselves, such as when they prefer to serve, their availability, and each of their unique family situations. And, when the inevitable substitution request comes in, the Scheduler is often responsible for finding a replacement, sometimes on very little notice! Schedulers stay in communication with all of their volunteers to make this job happen.

Schedulers unite the congregation

An often overlooked benefit of a Schedulers work are the relationships that are formed as people volunteer with each other. People may serve with others that they normally would not spend time with, creating new relationships and friendships or reinforcing existing ones! Helping people to serve in Ministry also makes members of the congregation feel engaged and valuable, which promotes a strong and unified church.

How can you thank your Scheduler for all they do?

The easiest way is to simply say it - a “thank you” can go a long way to making them feel noticed and appreciated. You can also find resources that help make their job easier (Ministry Scheduler Pro would be a great start)! Letting software handle the most time intensive parts of the scheduling process can free your Scheduler up to focus on the volunteers. You might also share with them our blog, where we write about challenges that Schedulers are facing right now!

So here’s to all the Ministry Schedulers! We thank you for your work, day in and day out, as the needs of your church continue to evolve.

Is your church already using MSP? Help another Scheduler make their ministries stronger by inviting them to try out Ministry Scheduler Pro.

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