The Journey Ahead

Over the years, Ministry Scheduler Pro has paved the way for helping churches schedule, connect, and grow their ministries. Starting in the summer of 2021, MSP 8.1 will culminate in the most requested and complex enhancement in MSP's long history - MSP is coming to the web!

Empowering admins on the go
Moving MSP to the web enables you to schedule and manage volunteers in the MSP app or on any web-enabled device. This will happen over a series of releases, but you'll see some of the biggest benefits starting with this release. The new web-based interface has been designed from the ground up to be modern and mobile friendly, making it easy to use from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop! Over the past year, many schedulers turned to working remotely and this new mobile friendly approach means you'll be able to manage your schedules and volunteers even while away from your desk.

Introducing features faster than ever
If you've been with MSP for a while you know that MSP typically sees large releases (like this one) every six to nine months. By bringing MSP to the web, new features can be rolled out as soon as they are ready. This lets you put new and enhanced features to work for your church without waiting for a full release.

Rolling out in stages
Moving MSP to the web through a series of mindful releases will ensure that everything works smoothly and will make transitioning to the new, more flexible interface that much easier. It’s a top priority to make sure that as we release these web-based features, we do not sacrifice functionality or user experience. As a reminder, as we move more functionality to the web, you can continue to use your local MSP installation as usual. But, we think you're going to be just as excited as we are to start using MSP on the web!

As always, your suggestions and feedback fuel our growth. We welcome your thoughts and look forward to the journey ahead as we bring more of MSP’s functionality to the web!

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