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Screenshot of the Leaders feature


Leaders have web-based access, limited by ministry, to Ministry Scheduler Pro via the mobile app or the Web Terminal. You can control what features Leaders can access, empowering them to take on more responsibility wherever you see fit.

Screenshot of the Sign-in Kiosk

Kiosk

Track attendance without having to print paper sign-in sheets! Volunteers check in with a few clicks or taps on any mobile or web-enabled device. After the service, it’s easy to run reports, email no-shows, or send thank you notes to last-minute substitutes.

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Screenshot of the Edit volunteer dialog; showing the custom fields options

Custom Fields

Custom fields let you track, filter volunteers, and run reports on custom volunteer information. This lets you track certifications, training, birthdays, t-shirt size, emergency contacts, and more.

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Ministry Folders

Ministry folders let you group ministries by location, department, or any other way you see fit. This simplifies viewing schedules, creating emails and running rosters just for certain groups or ministries. Work smarter, not harder!

Group Scheduling

Have groups of volunteers who fill multiple volunteer roles at the same service, like Knights of Columbus or a youth group? Add them to the schedule with a single profile, while still being able to specify how many people from that group are needed.

Picture of a developer programming a recovery of information on a computer

Disaster Recovery

Did you accidentally delete an entire schedule or make a swath of changes that need to be reversed? Disaster recovery is overseen by our MSP experts and lets you restore your Ministry Scheduler Pro database back to a specific point in time.