Scheduling Road Map
Better understand the scheduling cycle in Ministry Scheduler Pro
First Time Set Up
Follow this step-by-step set up process to get your team ready to use MSP.
Get Oriented
Dive in to MSP by taking a look at the 3-part video tour.

To begin the setup, download MSP to your computer and license with your activation code and administrator’s password.
Complete Set Up
1. Define your ministries.
2. Enter your service times.
3. Import your volunteers from your church management software or a spreadsheet or enter them manually.

Learn how in Steps 1-3 of the Quick Start Guide.
Meet with Leaders
Meet with key personnel and decide how to delegate work.

Share the 3-part video tour and Leader tutorial to help leaders get familiar with their new online privileges and how they stand to benefit.
Prepare, publish, share, remind, and repeat.
Fill Your Schedule
Create a schedule in the Schedules pane of MSP. Fill it in by hand picking volunteers, creating repeating assignments, auto-scheduling volunteers, or a mix of all three methods. Watch the Scheduling and Planning tutorial for an overview of scheduling methods.
Set up the Web Terminal
Your one-time set up of the Web Terminal
Setting up the Web Terminal must only be completed once.

If you haven't done so already, be sure to use the Web Terminal Checklist to set up and customize the Web Terminal.

Watch the volunteer tutorial to see how the Web Terminal works.
Send "Schedule Finalized" Email
Use the "Schedule Finalized" email template within the Announcements pane to notify volunteers of their scheduled positions.
Reminders and Subs
Volunteers will get email or text reminders to help reduce no shows. They can request subs, accept subs and propose trades online, or through the iPhone or Android app.
Availability Update Request
Before you run your next schedule, send the "Availability Update Request" email template. Confirming current preferences and requesting that volunteers update their availability online will reduce conflicts in your next schedule.
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