32 min

Schedule from Anywhere

Cut down the time you spend at your desk and increase the time you spend working alongside your volunteers! With MSP’s web admin capabilities, you can make changes to the schedule, process volunteer changes right from your phone, or update contact information while speaking to a volunteer after church. Join us as we outline how to get started with web-based scheduling in your MSP license.

More webinars

50 min

Holiday Scheduling

In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll learn how to create those special Christmas schedules well in advance, along with the best practices for scheduling volunteers, posting separate holiday schedules, hiding special services until you’re ready, and more!

30 min

Family Scheduling Made Easy

Families are an integral part of any church community, but when it comes to ministry, scheduling volunteers with their loved ones can be challenging. Join us for an overview of MSP's "family-specific" features and learn how you can customize settings to fit your church's needs. You'll gain practical tips on scheduling siblings, babysitters and couples, as well as tricks for helping to manage families online through the Web Terminal.

45 min

Managing and Communicating with Volunteers in Other Languages

Does your church offer services in different languages? Join this 30 minute live presentation to learn best practices when managing multilingual volunteers, including how to track and display information in a volunteer’s preferred language, and sending messages in various languages.