Park Community Church
Case Study
Raina Hanson
Location:Six campuses in Chicago, IL
Number of Volunteers:487
Scheduled Ministries:Children's ministries, Set up, Tear down, Security
How were you scheduling children’s ministry volunteers before MSP?
We were on a Google document, and it got to be quite a mess! Coordinators were spending most of their hours just sending emails and calling volunteers. They weren’t able to spend time in the classrooms doing training and doing that stuff that is ideal in a leadership role.
“MSP helps the coordinators be better at their job, because they can focus on the big picture.”
What are the biggest benefits to using MSP at Park Community?
It saves us a lot of money. If you save an hour’s worth of work for each coordinator every week, it pays for MSP. It makes the coordinators better at their job, because they can focus on big picture items like how volunteers are connecting with the kids and with the families.
Have the volunteers been receptive to using MSP?
Without a doubt after the first two months, everybody is like “I love MSP!” It has definitely helped with accountability. On the old system, volunteers would switch, and they’d forget. But with MSP, you can download your schedule on your [personal] calendar and you’re good to go! … About a month ago we rolled [MSP] out for all campuses in the children’s ministry. And we have actually gotten such good traction that the larger church has been asking, “Hey, is this something we might want to use for our other teams too?”
How do you stay organized when managing so many campuses?
Currently, I’m managing the entire system, and each of my campus coordinators has online Ministry Leader access to their campus. I organize everything with Ministry Folders. Each coordinator has their own folder for their campus, which makes it a lot easier to keep people separated and make sure that my leaders are only contacting their own volunteers.
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