Your Security Comes First

Thousands of churches use Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) to schedule, communicate with, and organize their volunteers. Not only do we help churches keep their volunteer ministries in order, but we also go to great lengths to provide peace of mind by safeguarding client and volunteer data. We’re proud to keep client security at the forefront of everything we do.

Keep your data safe

Rest assured that we’re protecting your data with industry-leading protocols, procedures, and technology. MSP is secure, and security compliant. Not only is all the volunteer information stored in our database encrypted with TLS encryption, but all data in transmission is secured by a government-approved AES-128 bit algorithm, which is the same technology used to secure banking transactions online.

MSP’s web servers are housed in the secure data centers of Amazon Web Services (AWS), considered to be the most secure cloud computing environment available today. AWS undergoes regular rigorous security checks from third-parties, earning a multitude of certifications, all in the effort to keep data safe. Our servers utilize a VPC, or virtual private cloud—meaning we don’t share our cloud resources.

MSP is security compliant—not only do we adhere to best practices as put forward in Amazon Web Services security guidance, but we also conduct our own regular assessments of our software and servers. We use security company Redspin to audit and test our security protections and protocols, ensuring your data remains safe.

Your payment information remains secure

We never store your payment information. We’re committed to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance, so we partner with, one of the largest and most secure payment gateways available, to store sensitive payment information and process payments for returning customers and recurring transactions. We do not store any credit card numbers or security codes within our infrastructure, and we do an audit every year to ensure we continue to adhere to security standards.

Proactive security

Our developers take the utmost care in protecting our infrastructure against online attacks that could exploit vulnerabilities in our code or the libraries it relies on to function. We run all our applications and their dependencies through, a third party screening service that can identify vulnerabilities before code is deployed. Additionally, we reduce the potential for an online attack by minimizing what’s called the “surface of attack,” or opportunities for vulnerabilities, in our program: our systems are run in containers with the absolute minimal amount of programs necessary.

We also defend against online threats with our cutting-edge security protocols, which monitor against suspicious behavior and cyberattacks. This includes mitigation protocols for brute force access to the store and web client. Our protocols and protection measures also allow us to view trends in cyber activity, creating a proactive security environment rather than a reactive one.

We have you covered

We put the safety of your data first. That’s a big part of why MSP is the trusted volunteer scheduler of choice for so many organizations—we know how important it is to be proactive about security issues. If you have additional questions about the rigorous security protocols we undertake to safeguard your data, you can learn more on our Security page.

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