The Benefits of Hosting a MSP Volunteer Training Night

Over one million volunteers can view and manage their schedules with MSP. The web and mobile interface is specifically designed to be easy to use, which means most volunteers won't need any special training. However, if you have some volunteers that could benefit from hands-on training, hosting a MSP training night is an excellent way to get your team up to speed on how to use MSP, share training resources, and create a fun bonding experience.

Below are a few benefits of hosting a volunteer training and how to make it successful!

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Boost Volunteer Engagement

Pump it up! Hosting an MSP Volunteer Training Night can significantly boost volunteer engagement, especially when it comes to introducing a new tool like MSP. Take the time during the training to explain how MSP will simplify scheduling and communications.

Best Practice: Highlight MSP’s user-friendly interface, demonstrating how MSP connects volunteers to one another and to the larger church. Show off the MSP app and how it allows them to stay connected to their ministry from anywhere. Highlight how auto reminders can keep them informed of their upcoming schedules, thereby reducing the chances of missed assignments.

Cultivate Community

Build it up! You’re managing a ministry team, so volunteers must feel and act as a team, right? A successful MSP Volunteer Training Night fosters a sense of community and highlights how MSP can help volunteers feel more connected.

Best Practice: Use the opportunity to emphasize how MSP makes it easy for volunteers to see who else is scheduled with them, request a sub when they can’t fulfill an assignment, or accept a sub request to help out a fellow volunteer in need.

Empower Your Volunteers

Talk it up! Most people are resistant to change, even (especially!) in ministry. “We’ve always done it this way!” is a common objection. Hosting an MSP Volunteer Training Night provides a great way to introduce MSP to volunteers and get out in front of any volunteer concerns.

Best Practice: Offer additional resources, such as tutorial videos or step-by-step guides, so volunteers can continue to learn and reference MSP features after the training night. Follow up with volunteers after the event to address any remaining questions they may have about MSP.

By hosting an MSP Volunteer Training Night, you're not only making the scheduling process more efficient but also empowering volunteers to take ownership of their roles, thereby fostering a stronger sense of community. Use our Volunteer Training Night guide along with the best practices mentioned here to help plan your event.

With these tips, you’re sure to host a meaningful and successful MSP Volunteer Training Night at your church. Happy planning!

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