Who benefits from Ministry Scheduler Pro?


Ministry Schedulers

  • Save time while creating entire ministry schedules with a single click.
  • Distribute assignments evenly, eliminate double bookings, and keep families together.
  • Reduce no-shows with automated emails targeting qualified, available volunteers.
  • Track attendance effortlessly and get valuable real-time insights with the Sign-in Kiosk.
  • Simplify volunteer communication with ready-to-send emails and texts.
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  • Check the schedule from anywhere with 24/7 access on the mobile app.
  • Take ownership of your availability to ensure you're scheduled at your preferred times.
  • Get automatic reminders for ministry assignments.
  • Request subs online and fill in for other volunteers easily.
  • Keep the whole family organized with everyone's schedule in one place.



  • Encourage greater ministry participation by making it easier to get involved.
  • Build camaraderie as volunteers step up to serve and sub for one another.
  • Ensure every volunteer is included with fair and balanced scheduling.
  • Share readings and resources online or in-app to prepare volunteers for service.
  • Free up precious time for pastoral staff to focus more on ministry.
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Business Managers
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Business Managers

  • Save time and money with efficient scheduling and communication tools.
  • Eliminate redundancies by streamlining volunteer-led ministries in one organized system.
  • Engage new and lapsed volunteers, helping them contribute their time, talents and treasure.
  • Give volunteers a modern experience with auto reminders and 24/7 mobile access.
  • Leverage MSP's 6 month money-back guarantee as stewards of church resources.

When Dollars Make Sense

Stewarding your church's financial resources is not just about dollars spent but value added.

Let's talk about how MSP is not just an administrative expense but how it creates tangible value for your church!

Save Time
It takes time to manually create and distribute schedules, send reminders, and arrange subs for volunteers – likely 10 or more hours each month. MSP streamlines the entire process, freeing up more time for ministry and saving $100 or more per month just in time saved.
Increase Engagement
MSP helps create an open and welcoming culture of service and stewardship by making it easy for volunteers to get and stay involved. Greater engagement inspires parishioners to support the church's mission by giving their time, talent, and treasure.
Grow the Church
Parishioners that are actively and financially invested in the church also attract others to get involved! Typically with growth comes growing pains, but MSP makes it seamless for new volunteers to get involved while maintaining a fair and balanced schedule for everyone.

We have reduced administrative cost of scheduling by 50% and have better participation by volunteers to fill their empty positions on their own, thereby saving frustration for our administrative assistant and ministry department heads and reducing no-shows."
Marie Nichols
Agape Community Fellowship of Marysville, OH

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