New Feature: Rosters and reports from the Web Terminal

Thanks to the latest update, it’s now possible to leverage your data to gain insights from anywhere with an internet connection. A few examples include going online to check the distribution of positions, monitor no-shows, and create custom rosters to share with your team!

Additionally, this new update includes:

  • Access preference and conflict reports.
  • Create and share customized rosters to view online or export when you need them.
  • Additional access to existing features like group scheduling and custom fields.

Additional resources:

Want more guidance on how to get started with Web Admins? Plan to attend our 15-minute webinar on August 2nd, Schedule from anywhere!

Special shout out to: Sam, our latest addition to the beta testing team. Her attention to detail and persistence in testing and retesting helps us ship bug-free product updates that add value immediately upon release.

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