New Feature: Drag and drop scheduling comes to the web!

Who this is for: Administrators, Leaders, Web Admins

**What this does: **This gives Leaders and Web Admins access to the same helpful interface available in the desktop app app. It’s part of a larger effort to move more functionality to the web.

Scheduling volunteers on the fly just got a lot easier thanks to a new update that allows you to see available volunteers right alongside open positions when editing schedules online. Get the big picture of what positions are open, who’s available, and any potential conflicts, and then use drag and drop to quickly fill positions.

Drag and drop scheduling comes to the web!

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Special shout out to: Rotunda Software’s development team! It’s extremely difficult to nicely display so much information responsively in a web-based format. Thanks for always researching and investing in cutting-edge technology. Your hard work makes these updates possible!

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