Ministry Scheduler Pro Turns 15

Today we celebrate the 15-year anniversary of Ministry Scheduler Pro. More importantly, we celebrate the unique relationship we’ve built with our users.

We’ve come a long way from knocking on church doors with a CD-ROM trial of the first version of MSP 15 years ago! And above all, we have you — our community of users — to thank for making MSP the powerful scheduling software it is today. Over the past decade and a half, you have shaped MSP through its many iterations by sharing ideas, suggestions, and feedback. We’ve had the joy of watching an online community emerge, ready to support each other and offer helpful tips and advice on common scheduling challenges. We’ve also been privileged to see the excitement of those who share their stories of how MSP has helped their churches. We consider it an honor to now serve over 3,000 churches!

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we’re thrilled about where we’re going. Keep an eye out for some amazing new web-based communication tools around the corner! For us, there’s no better job than supporting the good work of those organizing their communities. Here’s to another 15 years!

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