3 ways you're overcomplicating your holiday schedule (and how to fix it)

Christmas is right around the corner; for a ministry scheduler, that means busy days ahead. Making the holiday services easy for volunteers to get involved in ensures they have the best experience serving during this time of year.

Here are three ways you might be overcomplicating your holiday schedule - and how to fix it!

Mistake 1. Manually accommodating individual requests

In this special time of year, volunteers may have specific requests for when they'd like to serve. Uncomplicate this by posting the schedule for self-sign-up ahead of time or using a program like MSP to collect service preferences and availability to lessen your workload.

Mistake 2. Making it hard for parents & families to serve

Asking families to make multiple commitments for each member to serve a different day is overwhelming. Uncomplicate this by scheduling family members together at the same service in various roles or keeping family members apart to accommodate the need for a babysitter. Whatever the family preference - make it easy for them to commit. Ministry Scheduler Pro makes it easy to accommodate needs specific to families at the click of a button.

Mistake 3. Not having backups

So you've scheduled a family to light the advent candle, but someone comes down with an illness, and the whole family is out. Having an easy way to find a substitute will drastically reduce the amount of time (and stress!) it takes to fill the gap. Automated sub-requests can simplify the process, only sending requests to volunteers that are qualified to serve and actually available.

Wondering how Ministry Scheduler Pro can help you uncomplicate your schedules for holidays and beyond? Download a free 30-day trial to see for yourself. Our six-month money-back guarantee will ensure you can put it to the test at your church from now through you're Lent and Easter schedules.

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Holiday scheduling best practices from St. Joan of Arc Parish in San Ramon, California